The Tarot of Many Doors: 2nd Edition

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drawstring bag solo.jpg

The Tarot of Many Doors: 2nd Edition

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You can see extensive examples of the artwork in the “previews” section of this site!


Your Tarot of Many Doors: 2nd Edition, will include:

A 79 card deck: 78 Major and Minor Arcana, plus 1 original card

A customised tuck box

Silver details on box and card backs

8 Page leaflet including brief explanations of changes to the suits and Majors.

A download link filled with excerpts from sci-fi novels, original illustrations, notes, influences and other inspirations for the deck

Printed in cool chromatic grey, standard tarot card size (12 X 7cm) on 350gm playing card stock.

Optional extra only available for the FIRST TEN ORDERS: A silver embroidered black drawstring bag (Note: drawstring ribbon and beads vary between bags)


The Tarot of Many Doors is a sci-fi themed, queer, anarchist deck.

Because this deck is anti-authoritarian, the Queen, King, Knight and Page cards have been replaced with Reader, Speaker, Walker and Reverie, respectively.


The suit of Pentacles has changed to the suit of Dice

Cups has changed to Potions.

The suit of Swords is now the suit of Wires

Wands retain their classic naming

Some of the Major Arcana card names have been altered to be less stereotypically gendered or ableist (For example, The High Priestess is now The Oracle, and The Fool is now The Child)

Decks are currently on BACK ORDER, and will be ready to ship by September 1st

Check the shipping details for your area to see how long it’ll take to get to you!

In order for your deck to arrive in time for Halloween, orders outside the UK should be placed by the 1st of September, unless express shipping is chosen at checkout.

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