(Pre-production versions of  The Child,   Justice, The Wheel of Fortune  and  The Suspended )

(Pre-production versions of The Child, Justice, The Wheel of Fortune and The Suspended)


Though there are some fantastic re-interpretations of the classic tarot archetypes floating around, more often than not, card characters are represented in explicitly and stereotypically gendered ways, or else reproduce other systems of power and dominion.

Fortunately, tarot is a very flexible tool, and these meanings are not entrenched in the cards themselves. Science fiction is also one of the most adaptable tools for creating alternative worlds and ways of being – ways of existing in bodies that are otherworldly, subterranean, robotic, or otherwise not-quite-human. 

Many of the character designs in this deck are the result of drawing through gender dysphoria to finding new, non-normative and ‘alien’ bodies to re-imagine gender with.

The Tarot of Many Doors has very few lifeforms immediately recognisable as human. It contains an array of beings made of blood, light, metal, slime, stone, soundwaves, tentacles, shadows, feathers, bone, data … all existing in other planes, dimensions and worlds.  

These other worlds come from a similar impulse to look through and ahead towards relationships, communities, and revolutions that defy the bounds of the present world order. 

The future is queer! 


~ What you will find in this deck~

Aliens and other non-human people

Low key space anarchy

High key space anarchy

Sneaky shout outs to Ursula Le Guin, Octavia Butler, Samuel Delany, Ann Leckie, NK Jemisin and others

Varied representations of bodies and gender

Many tentacles

~ What you will not find in this deck~

The glorification of mastery

Creatures being ridden or controlled by humans (with one notable exception)

Stereotypically gendered cards

The perpetuation of racism, sexism, ableism, classism, whorephobia, transphobia



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Hi! My Name is Felix.

I am a non-binary trans artist, writer and performer.

I’ve been reading tarot for six years, and reading science fiction for twenty of your Earth years. 

I write Live Action Roleplay games, and run table-top sci-fi fantasy campaigns as a Game Master. 

Conveniently, my research is in the field of science fiction, fantasy and roleplay gaming, all of which significantly affected how and why I created this deck. 

My long term goal is to help establish an anarchist community on the moon

If you'd like to get in touch, you can email me at: